The Stronger Than Average Man

Commentary by Walter Rhoads, aka "The Stronger Than Average Man."

The Zagmianda Sideshow, where the action took place. They were from Texas. The Sideshow was the flipside of their main identity, which is a dirty jazz, bluesy, honkytonk band called “Lowbrow.” The lead singer sounded like Tom Waits.

The Stronger Than Average Man awaits his cue. I have some greenish streaks on my ribcage and arms, from practicing with Michelle, whose body paint rubbed off.

Assistant Stacy secures a double strand of steel chain around my wrist. Doubled, the chains have a load limit of 90 pounds. Earlier that summer, I had trained for this in the gym using weight stack cable pulls. When I got up to a controlled pull with 100 lbs., I figured I had what I needed to part the chain, since I'd be giving that a jerk and the momentary load would probably be effectively greater. Turned out I was right.

After two hard uppercuts, the links attached to my right arm have opened up; with the next yank, they failed completely, sending a shower of chain links into the audience. Then I did the same with my left. It happened fast and we couldn't catch it on film. You had to be there.

The Grand Finale: The Stronger Than Average Man supports both Stacy (135 lbs., on shoulders) and Michelle (red elf suit, green skin, 80 lbs., clinging to midsection). I wanted to support two more women but we got no volunteers.

The Stronger Than Average Man performed again, and this time actually got paid ten bucks for it. Click the thumbnail to see the video.